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School Dances

Entertainment for the Students, Approved by the Faculty

School dances can be the most memorable moments of our schooling experience. Let Playmaker DJ Service decorate your dances with full sound and one of the most impressive light shows in Billings. With plenty of subwoofers, the students will not only hear the music, they’ll feel it. Edited remixes to our entire music library are the only thing played at school functions. Let your students enjoy the dance under our light show with the sound system booming. Our DJ also maximizes crowd participation with different special dances throughout the evening and excellent emcee presence on the microphone. Let us entertain your guests with line dancing, the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, jitterbugging, and much more. We aim to fill the dance floor from start to finish. Tell them Playmaker is coming.

What does it cost?

$495 base cost for a three-hour dance, with a cost of $100 per additional hour. This includes our full sound and lighting rig that transforms gymnasiums into a night club, use of a wireless microphone for any announcements or grand march entrances, and an experienced DJ.

How Do I book?

You can’t book too early- send Nik an email (preferred method) at [email protected] or give us a call at (406) 647-0464 to make sure your date is available. School dances tend to be on the same nights, so don’t delay.

Next Steps

Relax… you’ve just hired an experienced company that specializes in school dances. Now you can focus on promotion of your dance and the decorations- never underestimate the value of a well-decorated dance.